Undergraduate Academic Programs

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute offers undergraduate-level courses that can be:

  1. Taken by any Georgia State/Robinson undergraduate student as an elective
  2. Taken as part of an Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship
  3. Used to complete a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in media or social entrepreneurship
    Learn more about the B.I.S. in Social Entrepreneurship Learn more about the B.I.S. in Media Entrepreneurship 

Required core sequence for the Minor in Entrepreneurship or Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (9 hours):

  • ENI 3101: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Startups
  • ENI 3102: Product-Service Design for Entrepreneurs
  • ENI 3103: Validating the Business Model

Add two elective courses (6 hours):

Below is a list of popular choices, though please consult the university’s course catalog for a complete list of offerings.

  • BUSA 3090: Survey of Business
  • ENI 4100: Scaling a New Venture
  • ENI 4020: Business Law for Entrepreneurs
  • ENI 4060: Internet Law for Entrepreneurs
  • ENI 4201: Startup Incubation and Mentoring
  • ENI 4389: Directed Readings in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • ENI 4560: Small Business Management
  • MK 3010: Marketing Management
  • MK 4305: Social Media Marketing
  • MK 4330: Principals of Professional Sales
  • MK 4850: Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Some of these electives require BUSA 3090 for non-Robinson students as a prerequisite. BUSA 3090 counts towards one of the five courses for the minor and non-RCB majors for non-RCB students.

Note: It is not necessary for students to declare a Minor in Entrepreneurship to begin taking our courses. Students may officially declare the minor at a later date.