uVentureTM Challenge with STAR-C @ Georgia State

Friday, September 23, 2016

@Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
14 Marietta St. NW
first floor, policy hub

A Social Innovat-a-thon | Cash Prizes

Work in teams with mentors from business and public policy to creatively solve a real-world social problem, QUICKLY!

What is the Star-C uVentureTM Challenge?

The Star-C uVentureTM Challenge is a competition for student teams to apply innovative business model concepts to solve a social issue. The challenge is to find the best business model that will increase capital return, social benefits, and attract investors.View the event flyer 

View the program 


STAR-C in the News

Marjy Stagmeier runs Star-C, a nonprofit that provides after-school care to residents of Willow Branch, an apartment complex she owns. Willow Branch houses low-income families that often don’t speak English. The program helps ease these children’s transition into the community.

Read an AJC article about Stagmeier’s outreach